Whiplash ; Movie Reviews

“I was there to push people beyond what’s expected of them. I believe that’s an absolute necessity”

Terence Fletcher


The pursuit of greatness is not always pretty. No matter if your dream is athletics, dancing, music or some other; you can be sure hard work and sacrifice will be part of your routine. Ever had a dream of being a great football player? A great dancer? A great singer? A great musician? Our protagonist has a dream of being a great drummer, a drummer that will be remembered forever. Maybe you are still fighting for your dream. Maybe you have given up on greatness. Greatness doesn’t come easily, you need to practice at it. Andrew practices until his hands bleed.

Film ini mengisahkan perjuangan Andrew Neyman (Milles Teller) untuk meraih cita-citanya menjadi seorang jazz drummer pro. Dan entah kenapa film ini sangat terasa familiar. Apakah karena ceritanya yang nyaris kita bisa temui di kehidupan nyata? Well, berapa dari kita yang pernah memiliki mimpi atau cita-cita tapi kandas? Entah karena faktor finansial, support keluarga, atau dari diri kita sendiri yang merasa sudah lelah untuk mencapai cita-cita itu. Film ini merangkum seluruh hal itu. There is so many excellent great things to say about this film.


Andrew (Miles Teller) is 19-year old student at a music conservatory in Manhattan. Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) is a teacher at the conservatory with a ruthlessly brutal teaching style. After picking Andrew to play in the school band, he pushes Andrew to his limits in order to realize his full potential, at the risk of his humanity. I lost myself in the story. It had something to say about not settling and asking more of yourself. Two fantastic performances from Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. Perhaps it will push you to maybe pick up that guitar again, put on your ballet shoes, or hit the gym to bulk up. Whiplash is an incredibly powerful film. And after the final shot cuts to black, the film will stick with you for days.

Spoiler tambahan, di film ini kamu akan disuguhi music jazz keren, plus Miles Teller yang memainkan drum tanpa stunt. Keren!