new blog, new me

My new blog, new me.
Jika ditanya berapa banyak blog yg aku pernah buat, jawabannya juga engga pasti, too much and too lazy for remembering :p
Pastinya beberapa memang ada yang sengaja di tinggalkan, atau tak terjamah lagi karena alasan sepele seperti, lupa password.
Dengan aktifitas yang lumayan buat di memorandumkan, I chosen for restarting my blog activity. Well, with created a new one of course.
Why? nti jangan-jangan juga bakal di PHP in lagi ini blog baru.
Duh, hope not yaa.
Ini udah di niatin lillahi ta’ala lho..
Milih namanya juga di niatin baik, my 2nd blog aydicttion was created in order to celebrate all of the people, food, fashions and daily encounters that bring me joy. I love fashion and all the corky stuff that I read when I am bored. It’s a tie between flirty & fabulous. Main goal: is to add a candid insight to my day, life, style, cravings and obsessions.
Wait… dari dulu nama blognya juga tetep sama deh kayaknya, hahaha
If you have dropped by, spent a moment and perhaps even found something that inspired you or made you smile, then I am delighted! Please always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I will always do my best to answer.
I like to think of my blog as a place for people to go to find beauty and relax. Escape into the world of dreamy images and tiny treasures.I hope that you feel this way when you come to visit.
So, welcome to my new blog.
Another fresh new blog to love, laugh and give….