My Perfect Day Look a Like

It is always my favourite answer to read, and I believe, is the most revealing of the lot.

But it wasn’t until I had this illuminating question directed towards me in asefem just yesterday afternoon, that I realised I hadn’t thought about my answer for some time.

So – after a moment or two of honest reflection – I wrote:

I wake up with no aches or pains, just youthful energy jumping out of bed. A nasi goreng rempela ati, kerupuk udang, slices of black forest, a jar of infused water greets me at the kitchen table, ok it’s too much. And while I am enjoying its yummies I notice that a midnight rain gave my truck a spot free rinse.


I see grey skies outside and I feel better, because I really looooove rainy season. I enjoy every bit of it. The smell off wet mud, rain drops tip-taping on the window pane, the cool breeze and the lush greenery. That’s gimme a reason to wear my boot and coat. Ready for spend a few hours to coaching, writing or creating and take a walk with my son.


Then, I decide to take the afternoon off and spend it preparing an awesome meal for my husband, son, my best friend and family. We sit outside in the evening, feel the cold, sipping wine and listening to tunes, before feasting and laughing till our bellies are sore. There’s also dark chocolate. Lots of dark chocolate.

My perfect day continued when I check my lottery ticket and see that I won jackpot and since it is the beginning of my days off I take a trip to collect it. Then I pay off every debt that I won. No more chains, whew…

All the tension melts away …

Can you see how this question shines light on what matters most to you? How powerful it is at drawing to the surface what brings you joy? This questions provides you just 24hours to encompass everything that makes your life ‘perfect’, so it is a simple way to re-ground yourself in what is important to you. It’s an easy way to flood yourself with your own unique dose inspiration.


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