101 Things About Me

Aku rasa ada baiknya mindahin postingan dari fb notes kesini :p hahaha bilang aja males nulis..

One day before my 32th birthday, I wrote this on my fb notes. I wrote about fact of my life who have never heard anyone befor.

so, enjoyed 🙂

You’ll learn tidbits about me, through reading my posts.
Yet I thought it would be fun to make a list of 101 random things about me.
Here goes…

1. I am 32 years old but still read kobochan
2. ….. and empat sekawan too
3. I am a total bookworm, I would read all day if I could
4. Hunger Games is frequently watched and read in my house
5. So is Twilight…
6. Team Edward all the way!
7. But melted due Jacob grin… and his 6pack too *sssahhh
8. Whenever at home, I wear daster’s or my saggy bear pants – all.the.time.
9. I love crafting, DIY things. I start many projects and never complete them. My to-do list will always be longer than this list
10. I’m not a good singer at all, but I sing anyway…
11. When R.O.B was 4, he used to cover my mouth with his hand when I started to sing. Seriously, he did {I get the infamous eye-roll these days}
12. I hate karaoke
13. …. but I want -the karaoke equipment- privately in my house.
14. With home theatre too … *maruk
15. Because I am a monster movie and tv series.
16. …. but say a BIG NO for local television impressions.
17. Except quiz shows and news.
18. I had trouble sleeping disorder.
19. .. and get dizzy after take a nap.
20. Except, a magical moment called “kesirep”
21. I love clean the house
22. … i am a medium obsessive compulsive disorder suffering, especially hygiene problems.
23. My favorite tools for cleaning are toothbrush and magic sponge.
24. Yes, I am scrubbing my bathroom floor using a toothbrush
25. And I hate when my bathroom floor wet.
26. Anti bacteria hand gel is one of my best friend pouch, you’ll find that I always carry it, and disinfectant spray
27. …… and toilet paper seat, im germ fobia.
28. I love to swim…. imaginary, because I can’t swim
29. …. it became my every year goals, but never realized *rollineyes
30. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Marine. Because I was crushed by Captain Hook’s tales.
31. I am still in love with the ocean and the amazing animals that live in it errrrrr skip that. I means mermaid.
32. also wanted to sing, dance, act, and marry a Backstreet Boy.
33. My hair is naturally black, with some brown to it…
34. But I love being a brunette!
35. I have zero talent when it comes to doing my hair.
36. So I typically wear my hair in a pony, braids or sloppy bun.
36. Sometimes I straighten it, but that is the extent of my “skills”
37. I would love to have ringlets in my hair -kriting gantung ki english e apa ya- they are so pretty!
38. I also really want extensions, but I am too nervous to get them put in.
39. I’m not sure about having a pets. Most of them die..
40. I’ve had two dogs when I was younger. Their name Bomer and Gombloh.
41. Then my hubby gave me three dogs when I moved to Lumajang. Kiong, Puppy and a golden retriever, Coco.
42. Now, I don’t have enthusiastic for any pets.
43. I love to take pictures….
44. I take so many that my kid will hide when I take out the camera!
45. I have always loved to write, and want to publish a book one day.
46. But I have not yet figured out what it will be about *sigh
47. I am a blogger too. I enjoy blogging, but my kids come first. Always.
48. I have drafts of posts I started a year ago, and never hit ‘publish’.
49. I love the smell of rain, fresh cut grass and Joop! cologne
50. .. and listening to the rain ….
51. I am not a perfect parent, and have never claimed to be
52. I have made many many mistakes in my life
53. I am capable of forgiving, but never forgetting
54. I loath doing the dishes …
55. Daisies to me, are like the sun. I love them.
56. .. and crysant then rose too.
57. I am a HUGE Leonardo Di Caprio fan
58. dozens of Di Caprio posters have graced my room
59. and has more than fifty times I watch Romeo + Juliet movies
60. I know every single word to ‘Romeo + Juliet’ from watching it so much as a teenage {including the background music}. It irritates people who watch it with me, and that makes me laugh.
61. My first comic I read was Candy Candy
62. Guess where I read it? .. on the sidewalk!
63. …. and on the toilet, for the second comics
64. My mom does not allow me to read comics, so I hid it under the pillow, or behind my-shirt
65. I’ve read hundreds of comics, and my dream is to collect them, but it never happened *cryrollinonthefloor
66. My favorite foods are noodles and bakmi.. LOL
67. Except “bakmi gepeng” , I guess bakmi gepeng are pasta categories.
68. I am a comfort food eater. No diet menu’s. I ate it all, just remember for the frequency and portion.
69. 2 days before Rafi was born, I made 66 roti goreng and kue lumpur.
70. My choice of cuss word? Freakin’…
71. I am crazy about bracelet
72. … and shoes
73. … and a vintage things
74. .. and magz
75. My hubby never bought me a book, he’s always looking for elaborate gifts, even he knows my favorite things *rollineyes
76. The first and the one books he bought for me is Comopolitan USA edition magazine, I still keep it safety.
77. I am Mario Bros fanatic games
78. And NFS Underground
79. I have three favorite numbers : 8, 9 and 17
80. I do not like to speak in front of large groups of people
81. I am very shy when I meet new people…
82. But once you get to know me I am pretty loud and always talking.
83. I lobe nude lipstick
84. And a warm tone for wardrobe
85. I have an intense fear of insect – super intense!
86. I always sit cross legged in vehicles {when not driving, of course}.
87. I have never spent a cup of coffee
88. …. because I do not like the sensation after drinking coffee, need a lot of water to neutralize.
89. … and milk also.
90. I am fan of the cold
91. One of my favourite scents is frangipani
92. Vanilla, and fruits and flower too
93. I love to go to the cinema alone
94. I hang all my clothes facing the same direction.
95. I can’t watch scary movies by myself.
96. I absolutely cannot get in bed with dirty feet.
97. Kids walking in the grocery store with no shoes make me cringe.
98. Sometimes I watch a sad movie just so I can cry over it if I’m having a bad day.
99. This is the longest list ever. I must be pretty boring.
100. Okay, many important jobs. I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, a learner, a photographer, a parent, a principal, a housekeeper, a cook, a professional internet shopper, a financial manager, an accountant, a nurse, and an event planner.
101. I am blessed.

Whew!! It was much harder then I thought it would be to come up with 101 facts about me 🙂

What are some random facts about YOU? I’d love to hear them!!



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