Oh, I want that to happen to me : Part I

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Someone asked me that question. That is indeed an interesting question. Well, I like to watch those kind of movies which have a good story line, a social message, no slapstik.
Jadi komedi yang jorok jorok good bye yaa, because for me slapstik means poor acting. Poor acting is also extremely clear in a film and will quickly pull it down.

Jadi kadang ada aktris atau aktor yang bagus di iklan, bagus di sinetron, tapi juelek banget aktingnya di film, berarti bakat akting nya ga begitu bagus, menurutku.

Dan Indonesia ini hebat banget untuk mengcover bakat poor acting aktor nya, terbukti dengan banyak film horror semi. Ga butuh bakat akting kalo genre film beginian. Character of the acting doesn’t matter much. Ya gak :p

Backkkkkk, about the kind of movies I like to watch. Well, I am not quite picky about movies. Aku sukah semuanya yang indah indah, hehehe.
Tapi yang mau aku share sekarang bukan jenis film, genre film atau alasan kenapa suka film.

I want to share about movies which inspired me, and movies that will make me want to fall in love dan pengen hidup di dalamnya. Yaaay….

Just because movies labeled as romantic, action, scientific, horror  that doesn’t mean that it can’t make you to fall in love again. Some movies can bring back your happiness and hope. For me, movies make my feromon jump it out, flooding my brain and fill my head with a thousand idea.

But then, there are those great romantic movies-dramatic, dark, funny and everything between-that make you feel all gooey in the middle. Every movies genre always had great romantic story inside.

Even the coldest of us can’t help but think, “Oh, I want that to happen to me” Hey, maybe it’s the cute montages, maybe it’s the chemistry between the actors, maybe it’s my period #blah.. but whatever it is.. I like it.

Here are 10 movies that makes me want to life on it, fall in love and never get back up again.

1. The Lake House (2006)
Are you person who underestimate about true love? if yes, go get this movie.
This movie full with hyper romantic atmosphere. They way-Kate and Alex-try to believing about time travel love. It’s hard, it’s impossible, it’s pretty romantic unsual movie.
Dear Mr. Reeves, I Adore Youuuu

2. 27 Dresses (2008)

James Marsdennnnnn *ahugeloveemotionhere
Blue eyes, brunette mess wavy hair look, innosence smiles, fiuh… *kipaskipas

A light romance comedy. Meskipun banyak kritik jelek soal film ini. Di mata awamers, ini film yang ringan banget, nyaris banyak di temui di kehidupan sehari-hari. Very fun and entertaining…

Kadang kita terlalu mencari yang perfect, yang kita inginkan, padahal yang terbaik adalah saat kita benar-benar di inginkan oleh orang lain.
8 for the movie.
10 and four thumb up for James Marsden!

3. The Proposal (2009)


Mungkin kalau dibuat versi Indonesia, judul film ini adalah Benci Tapi Cinta wkwkwkw…

You hate her, but you can’t away from her.
You call her grand bitches, but you want to protect her.
And when the love connected, she choose to leave you?
very frustating aight?
Film ini keren banget, mata di manjain sama hubungan flirt antara bos dan asisten. Kinda pretty good chick flick. A really sweet and also a rather cute romantic comedy. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have great chemistry in this sweet movie.

4. The Notebook (2004)
If you’re in love with Ryan Gosling’s cleancut #look, his beard alone will make you cry in “The Notebook.” If that’s not enough to get you upset, Nicholas Sparks always has a way of writing stories that pull at our heart strings. “The Notebook” jumps between two stories, one about a young couple’s troubled 1940s romance and an elderly husband and wife struggling to stay together in a modern-day nursing home. Plus, watching any love story where Ryan Gosling is the lead will bring us to tears just from wishing he was ours!

Eh, tapi tetep seneng James Marsden disini 😀 #plinplan

5. Armageddon (2001)
Udah pada lihat kan? udah sering banget di setel di tipi lokal.
nangis nangis nangis
Masih berharap Ben Affleck di ganti sama Josh Hartnett hahahaha

to be continued…


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