Foody with me : Fried Rice


Is there anyone who doesn’t like fried rice? I can’t believe that there is anyone who doesn’t love fried rice.

My Kid and I, love Chinesse Food.  We are kind of fuddy duddies when it comes to the particular Chinese food we like.  We seem to order the same stuff all the time; fried rice or fried noodle. Ya soalnya gak ada lagi yang enak di sini, blah

If you cook this dish by your self, you could use any vegetables you had on hand for this dish, eg corn kernels, mushrooms, peas. I tend to use the same ones as listed below, as this combination is the children’s favourite.
I love making fried rice because it’s quick to cook, which is a definitely plus for a busy weeknight, it’s a great way to use  leftovers.

If I took carrots, chopped them up and stir fried them, Rafi wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. But there are no complaints once the little cubes are tucked into fluffy rice coated with sausage or meatball. Not only do different vegetables make the rice look bright and colorful, but they make the dish healthier too! See? Win win! It’s not an evil plan.




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